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Palladio Moro

Palladio Moro

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    Palladio Moro is an agglomerate marble. The term “agglomerate” means that it is comprised of small pieces of stone, fused together using resin. Therefore, it possesses similar characteristics to marble. The marble used in Palladio Moro is white and light grey in color. In production, small pieces of marble are tumbled to round the sharp edges. These are then combined with black resin and placed into a large rectangle tank to be cured into a block. The block is later cut into 1/2” thick slabs and then cut into tile. It is possible to have grey, black, and even gold or oxidized spots in this product. For proper bonding, use Custom Building Products Prolite White, 30LB mortar or Laticrete-254 Platinum White thinset for large format Agglomerate Marble tiles. Proper thinset coverage is also necessary and in some cases, back buttering of the tile may be required. As a natural stone product it is recommended that it be sealed to extend its longevity.

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